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"Education with Salvation"

Dear Prospective Students,

With all of the excitement of the new millennium, the Christian must stay focused on Eschatology, the coming of Jesus Christ.

The promise God made to us in the Bible is that He would come as a thief and a robber in the night, and that no man would know the day or the hour. Jesus said, "occupy until He comes." When He comes, let him find you fulfilling this command.

The goal of the Apostolic Christian College is to prepare men and women for the great revival that is to come before the return fo the Lord. The Lord is looking for witnesses that can and will share the word that is so needed in times like these.

I pray that God will favor our college and will draw men and women from all across he world to come, learn, as well as teach in the Apostolic Christian College.

Our faculty and staff have put forth-untiring efforts to make this college what it is as well as what it will become.

Whatever the benefit one receives for earning a degree, the most important one you take with you is increased understandings of the scriptures, the knowledge you obtain about scriptures and the tools you receive to unlock its mysteries.

To study the Bible is to prepare for life and success. But if you earn a degree along with that study, more doors may be opened to share in that benefit for generations to come. I want to encourage you to take the time to view our website. You will find within these pages a detailed, sound, and affordable Christian education vehicle that can and will take you in  the right direction in Christian Education.

His Servant,
Dr. Alphonzo D. Brooks, Provost



An affiliated member of the Apostolic Christian College Educators Network (ACCEN)

In a joint partnership with the Way of the Cross Church of Christ International Christian Education Department

Mission Statement

To empower this generation, through equipping them with Godís Word, to prepare them for their destiny in fulfilling the Great Commission
Mt. 28:18-20

Taking The Right Direction In Christian Education